Do You Have A Program?

I remember back when I first started lifting I never use to use a lifting program when I trained.  I created “my own” program and I wonder how that turned out?  I thought I knew what I was doing but it turned out that was NOT the case.

I always saw large gains right away and I thought I was big and bad because of it.  What puzzled me was why was I always plateau’d after about a month or two?  I never knew about over-training and it never crossed my mind.  I never knew what a deload phase was.  All of this I learned with programming my workouts.

I don’t think there is any “bad” program out there.  You should pick a program that you are comfortable with and “sold” on.  If you buy into the program you will see your biggest gains.  Remember programs ususally are developed  by men who have been through the trenches so more than likely they know more than you do when it comes to coming up with a program.  There are tons of programs out there.  Are you looking to bulk up?  get faster?  get stronger?  jump higher?  “tone-up”? etc…  If so just use the internet.  There are many FREE programs out there to chose from.  Before investing hundreds of dollars in a program check the internet because chances are you can find a program similar to the one that suits you without having to spend money!

Network with top strength coaches out there.  Facebook and twitter have been huge lately, as you use those services so do many TOP strength coaches.  Add them on facebook, like their “fan page” and so on.  Also subsribe to their websites.  The top strength coaches; James Smith, Zach Even-Esh, Joe DeFranco, Mike Guadango etc, all put wonderful FREE tips about basically every aspect of training.  You get KEY training tips for free why not use them!?!?!  They are friendly people and answer almost any question you may have.  Just having them gives you a huge advantage over lots of people!

Jordan Anderson

Co-Owner Adande’s Gym

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