Find Your Passion

Everyone needs some sort of motivation.  If we weren’t motivated how would we make it in this world?  Would George de Mestral have invented velcro by sitting back and not giving it his all?  Would Michael Jordan have become the greatest basketball player of all time by hanging it up after his sophomore year of high school when he was cut from the varsity team?  I don’t think so!

Everyone needs to find that one thing they can always fall back on and count on to be there even when things are at there worst!  Whether it be reading, cooking, basketball, blogging, writing, exercising, etc…  I found my passion in working out.

I know that even if I fail a test in school or am having a bad day I can come into the weight room and break a personal record (PR) and feel good about myself.  As soon as I walk into the weight room and cover my hands in chalk and throw around heavy weights I know I’m right where I’m suppose to be.  Everyone needs to find that one place they can go on the darkest of days and know no matter what mood you’re in you can always find comfort in doing something you love!

Find your passion and do it for you.  Don’t do what others do just because that’s the “cool” thing to do.  Do something that will make you stand out from all the rest.  Along the way there will always be people trying to tear you down but you can take that how you want.  If it were me I would take it as motivation because you are doing something to better youself while they are “sayers” not “doers” and only tear you down because they don’t have the will power to accomplish goals the way you do.  Once you find that place it will just come natural and it will be something you look forward to doing every day and it gives you motivation to strive for something greater!

Jordan Anderson

Co-Owner Adande’s Gym

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