21 Ways To Be Successful In The Weight Room

1.  Listen to music of you enjoy.  You will lift better and lift more weight!

2.  Incorporate lower body exercises in your training more.  “Bro how much do you bench?”   My response: “How much do you squat?”

3.  Do more pull ups, push ups, and dips.  Once those get easy, add weight and do them!

4.  Ditch the leg curls and become best friends with the squat rack!

5.  Buy a foam roller.

6.  Look no further than a playground to get a workout in!!!

7.  Lift with a person stronger than you.  It will push you to work harder and force you to become stronger.

8.  Doing countless crunches and still no six-pack?  EAT HEALTHIER!!!

9.  Do more single-leg exercises. (lunges, split squats, ets)

10.  Get a GOOD warm-up in before you lift.  It will lead to less injuries and a better workout.

11.  Get on a good program.

12.  Progressing slowly = bigger gains in the long run.

13.  Who invented the shake weight???

14.  Drink more water!

15.  Going to lift shouldn’t be dreaded.  You should be itching to work out!

16.  Set goals and go out and accomplish them!

17.  Stiff ankles and hips cause serious knee problems, so it is important to stretch these body parts!

18.  Believe in yourself.  Tim Tebow does and look where he’s at!

19.  Arch your back and squeeze the lats.  There you just increased your bench!

20.  Work on grip strength!  You know what they say about strong hands?

21.  Now go out and use these tips to become a better you!

Jordan Anderson

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