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Up Your Bench with The Ultimate Bench Program

Last week I completed The Ultimate Bench Program created by Mike Guadango and Jeff Carr.

I broke a PR!

This is a program to up your bench so I highly recommend not doing a lower body program while on this to seize optimal results.

I did The Vertical Jump Bible, a program designed to up your vertical jump while on the bench program and the volume of the jump workout was very high and at times I felt drained from both programs so I suggest not doing an intense lower body workout while on this program!

My previous PR was 285 on the bench press.  After the program I broke a PR and benched 290.

Watch here:

I feel my PR would have been higher but I cut ten pounds while on this program and they say to maximize strength you need to keep gaining weight.  So I feel that although my PR only went up 5 pounds I took a lot out of this program and feel this program is a must for anyone who wants to up there bench press!

There is a 10 week program and an 18 week program.  I did the ten week program and plan on doing the 18 week program this summer!

Buy the program here

A special thanks to Mike Guadango and Jeff Carr for this program!

Jordan Anderson

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Why You Are Doing Sprints But Not Getting Faster!

Training athletes for speed has become commonly misused by coaches not knowing how to incorporate them properly.  But how do you know you are getting a proper training session in to increase your speed?

Speed coach Charlie Francis who was most famous for coaching sprinter Ben Johnson says that you should not do sprints between the ranges of 75-95% of your fastest time.  He said it is too slow to build speed and too fast to serve as a low intensity run.  He basically goes on to say running in this range makes you slower.

For more on this go to subscribe to him and read his “The 11 Commandments Of Athletic Development” ebook.

So how do you go about sprinting above 95% of your fastest time?  LONGER REST PERIODS BETWEEN SETS

If you do even a ten yard sprint and only rest for 30 seconds that is still not enough recovery time.  Remember you are training for speed not endurance!  So if you sprint ten yards and rest 30 seconds you will not have enough recovery time to run above 95% of your max.  And the more sprints you do with inadequate recovery time the farther you get away from your top end speed.

Take longer rest periods between sprints.  Even on ten yard sprints rest between 90-120 seconds or until full recovery before you do your next sprint.  How do you know when you are fully recovered to do your next sprint?  You will be able to tell when your body is fully recovered from your previous sprint to go onto the next one.


Jordan Anderson

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The Tortoise Does Always Win

Lifting weights to me relates to the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

I’m sure you all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare and how the Hare is faster than the much slower tortoise but along the way he takes shortcuts and cheats himself due to arrogance and ignorance that eventually led to failure for the hare.

This relates to people gunning for their one rep max.  People who come with the “Hare Approach” to lifting will also see the same fate as the Hare did.

The Hare Approach:

1. You will burn out

Lifting weights close to your 1rm (one rep max) will show results right away as may jump up ten pounds in a month on your bench max however lifting that heavy weight will eventually catch up to you and cause muscle fatigue and will lead you to failure.

2. You will get injured

Training with heavy weights day in and day out WILL take a toll on the body.  Lifting such heavy weights puts a ton of stress on the muscles and joints in the body and could potentially lead to serious muscle and nerve damage.

3. You will plateau

You will hit a point training maximally that you won’t be able to get out of.  You will get stuck at a certain weight and won’t be able to break that plateau because of the high demands the heavy weights will put on your body.

The Tortoise Approach

The Tortoise approach type of lifters are going to see results at a slow, steady pace but will eventually get to their goal by minimizing the chance of injury and reducing burnout.

1.  Puts less stress on the body

Training at percentages of 50%-85% of your 1rm may not seem like much and you may feel weak doing them but by doing this you are saving your body from serious injuries.  It is also proven that you can still get stronger training nowhere close to your 1rm.  The complimentary exercises you do along side of the bench press will help you increase your 1rm also!

2.  Slow Progressions equal big gains in the end

You bench 250 pounds but you want to get your bench press up 300 pounds so what do you do?  Well sorry but you won’t be able to do this overnight, next week, or next month so go with the mindset that you are going to increase your 1rm 5 pounds every month.  If you do so you will be able to add 60 pounds to your bench in as little as a year and end up breaking the 300 pound plateau without having to train anywhere close to you 1rm in the bench.

3.  Don’t train to failure

Bodybuilders and power lifters can train to failure sure.  Most of them take banned pharmaceutical’s so they can handle a heavier training load.  But that is not you.  Keep in mind that the tortoise approach will have you cut out a few reps short of failure.  Training to failure will also lead to injuries.

To wrap things up in the world of lifting heavy ass weights the fictional story, The Tortoise and The Hair is actually a Non-fictional outcome!  Remember that training smart is more important than training hard!  Just because you do all sorts of lifts to FATIGUE yourself it doesn’t mean it is a GOOD workout!





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Should Athletes Do Olympic Style Lifts?

High school and college coaches have had their athletes doing Olympic style lifts such as the power clean forever it seems.  Most coaches have their athletes do them because they say it makes their athletes “explosive.”  But are Olympic style lifts such as the power clean necessary for athletes?

The snatch, clean, and jerk is a sport in itself in the Olympics and takes a great deal of time to master.  The people you see on television train specifically to improve those three areas so their training each time is aided to help up the snatch, clean, and jerk.  If your sport is football you can’t just do power cleans once a week and expect to master the technique.  It’s just like if an Olympic lifter were to throw the pig skin around once a week?  Would it help him become better at the snatch, clean, and jerk?  NO!

Most coaches who have their athletes do Olympic style lifts have them do them because they make their athletes “explosive.”  The problem with this is that you can turn any lift into an “explosive” lift if you use 50% of the athletes 1 rep max (maximum amount of weight a person can do one time).

The problem with having athletes do power cleans to get explosive is most if not all the athletes can NOT master the form.  Sure they will make you more explosive but why waste so much time with your athletes trying to get their form down when you can have them do simple but effective movements such as box jumps, broad jumps, and sprints.  These simple but effective exercises will build up just as much explosion in athletes than the power clean.

Jordan Anderson

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Fat Gripz… Are They Really Worth It?

I seen the Fat Gripz advertised basically everywhere I looked in magazines, articles, forums, you name it.  I was intrigued and wanted to purchase a pair.

I went to the Arnold Classic this year and they had a pair so I bought them for $35.

The first time I used them I was hooked.  I did some recovery pull-ups and I can get sets of 10-15 relatively easy doing regular pull-ups but when I put the Fat Gripz around the bar it became a totally different workout!

Doing pull-ups not only was I getting a great back workout but it was also a killer grip and forearm workout!

What they will do for you:

Increase Your Grip Strength: Are you a person that knows you can deadlift 500 pounds but your grip strength is so poor it doesn’t matter how much chalk you lace your hands with you still won’t be able to pull up 500 pounds?  The Fat Gripz will help with that!  A typical bar is about an inch in diameter.  When you put the Fat Gripz around the bar you add an additional two to three inches putting a lot of stress on your grip.  If you get good at lifting with the Gripz your grip strength will be off the chain and that 500 pound dead lift you couldn’t do before will be a thing of the past!

Build Forearm Strength:  All of us do forearm work at the end of our workouts only to see no results.  With Fat Gripz I am telling you to stop doing forearm workouts that don’t work and just put a pair of Fat Gripz around the bar!

So put away the lifting straps, take out the forearm workouts and BUY FAT GRIPZ!

Jordan Anderson

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New Years Goals

First of all Happy Pi Day!

So I’m sure most of you made New Years Resolutions for 2012.  We are 74 days in and I know some of you, probably a lot of you gave up on your goals already!  I’m here to tell you NOT to!  Why set goals you aren’t going to finish!?!

We are half way through the third month of the new year why give up already!  Did Michael Jordan give up when he was cut from the varsity basketball team as a Sophomore?  Did Michael Oher resort to poor choices when he was homeless on the streets as a child?  NO!!!  Sure you may have got off track and lost focused of your goals but don’t stop!  Keep pushing there are over nine months left!

Sure you have fucked off for the first three months but there is plenty of time to sit back reassess your goals and pick up where you left off!

The problem with today’s world is we give in too fast!  Like anything else things CAN”T be fixed over night!  Make small changes first:

Don’t listen to other people: People are there to bring you down while they should be building you up.  No matter where you are people are going to tell you, you can’t.  So it is up to you to prove that you CAN!

Surround yourself with positive people: This may be tough but surround yourself with people who share the same common goals as you!

Think of the end result: Everybody wants the “perfect” body but nobody wants to eat, train, or do what is necessary to achieve it!  When you make a decision think about the consequences.  Is this a choice you are going to end up regretting or is this a choice that will benefit you?

So how are you going to spend the rest of 2012?  Believe in yourself!  You will be surprised what you are capable of achieving when you have the right mind frame.

I believe in you… Do you???

A new approach to dieting that will get you JACKED :

Fat Gripz:

Jordan Anderson

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