Fat Gripz… Are They Really Worth It?

I seen the Fat Gripz advertised basically everywhere I looked in magazines, articles, forums, you name it.  I was intrigued and wanted to purchase a pair.

I went to the Arnold Classic this year and they had a pair so I bought them for $35.

The first time I used them I was hooked.  I did some recovery pull-ups and I can get sets of 10-15 relatively easy doing regular pull-ups but when I put the Fat Gripz around the bar it became a totally different workout!

Doing pull-ups not only was I getting a great back workout but it was also a killer grip and forearm workout!

What they will do for you:

Increase Your Grip Strength: Are you a person that knows you can deadlift 500 pounds but your grip strength is so poor it doesn’t matter how much chalk you lace your hands with you still won’t be able to pull up 500 pounds?  The Fat Gripz will help with that!  A typical bar is about an inch in diameter.  When you put the Fat Gripz around the bar you add an additional two to three inches putting a lot of stress on your grip.  If you get good at lifting with the Gripz your grip strength will be off the chain and that 500 pound dead lift you couldn’t do before will be a thing of the past!

Build Forearm Strength:  All of us do forearm work at the end of our workouts only to see no results.  With Fat Gripz I am telling you to stop doing forearm workouts that don’t work and just put a pair of Fat Gripz around the bar!

So put away the lifting straps, take out the forearm workouts and BUY FAT GRIPZ!

Jordan Anderson

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