Why You Are Doing Sprints But Not Getting Faster!

Training athletes for speed has become commonly misused by coaches not knowing how to incorporate them properly.  But how do you know you are getting a proper training session in to increase your speed?

Speed coach Charlie Francis who was most famous for coaching sprinter Ben Johnson says that you should not do sprints between the ranges of 75-95% of your fastest time.  He said it is too slow to build speed and too fast to serve as a low intensity run.  He basically goes on to say running in this range makes you slower.

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So how do you go about sprinting above 95% of your fastest time?  LONGER REST PERIODS BETWEEN SETS

If you do even a ten yard sprint and only rest for 30 seconds that is still not enough recovery time.  Remember you are training for speed not endurance!  So if you sprint ten yards and rest 30 seconds you will not have enough recovery time to run above 95% of your max.  And the more sprints you do with inadequate recovery time the farther you get away from your top end speed.

Take longer rest periods between sprints.  Even on ten yard sprints rest between 90-120 seconds or until full recovery before you do your next sprint.  How do you know when you are fully recovered to do your next sprint?  You will be able to tell when your body is fully recovered from your previous sprint to go onto the next one.


Jordan Anderson

twitter: @realjordyand34


youtube channel: Adandesgym





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