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Supplement Rant

You get done with your lift for the day and are leaving the gym exhausted after you just tossed around some heavy weights and Joe Schmo walks up to you and congratulates you on your TYPICAL day in the gym.  He doesn’t bother to ask what kind of training you do or what program you are on.  The first thing he asks is “What supplements are you on?”

How many times have you heard this at the gym?

I know I have on MANY occasions.

To me it’s an insult!

A slap in the face!

To me you are discouraging everything I’ve worked for by assuming supplements are the reason I got there!  What has this world come to?

Supplements aren’t the cure to your problems in the weight room!  You can’t maintain a poor diet and try countering it by taking Whey Protein.  It doesn’t work like that!  I don’t think the freaks of the early 1900’s ever bought Whey Protein to get huge!

Companies will tell you anything to get you to buy their products!  After all they are salesman, that’s what they do!  They want to make as much money as they can so they put their product out to be the best in the business.  I can guarantee the guys working at GNC didn’t get jacked off Wheyabolic Extreme 60, the supplement they always market whenever you step into the store after hearing that annoying scale that asks you “Did you check your weight today?”

So if supplements aren’t as magical as they appear what is the solution?

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet will give you everything you need and more!

If you eat a healthy diet I GUARANTEE you will spend less money then you would if you had a below average diet and relied on supplements.  Supplements aren’t cheap!  So why not eat clean and get most if not all your vitamins, proteins, fats, and carbs in the food you eat rather than spending hundreds of dollars on supplements!?

Supplements have their place and time.  Don’t get me wrong some times you will be too busy to cook so you will need to rely on a protein shake or bar to get your source of protein.  I use supplements but I don’t buy into the fad that they are why I have become what I have in the weight room!

I am having this rant because supplements aren’t magical.

People who get big will always credit their protein and pre-workout for their success.  But you get the same amount of protein if not more in a chicken breast or lean ground beef than a scoop of protein!  Why don’t we credit Tyson for the brand of chicken they produce?  If you can credit GNC or CytoSport for their whey protein why can’t I credit food companies or farms for the food they produce?

The problem I have is people hand over their success to supplement companies when they should be congratulating themselves.

I was going to go more into this however the day I was working on this Mike Guadango came out with two GREAT articles about Supplements which are very straight forward!

Check them out:

Also a special shout out to Dylan Poesch who encouraged me to write this blog!

Jordan Anderson

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New Look Blog

I hope everyone had a great weekend spending time with family over the Easter break this year!!!!

I’m sure all of you stuffed your face full of whatever Grandma made on top of all sorts of candy and sweets!!!! Because I know I did!

Now Easter is over it is time to get back to it!

No Excuses!

No Bullshit!

No Nonsense!

The year 2012 is 3 months gone what have you done to separate yourself from the pack!?

Reach higher than you ever could imagine!  The year is far from over!  But attack it now because tomorrow is a long ways away!

On a side note I updated my blog.  I went with a new look.  Let me know what ya think!  Hit me with blog ideas on anything in the fitness world!  I’ll see what I can do!

Until Next Time,

Jordan Anderson

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Jordan’s Weight Room Playlist

I am a big believer that music helps you lift heavier weights and break PRs!  I listen to upbeat music that really gets me going.  My music of choice when I lift is rap sprinkled in with a little rock.  Here is my 20 track weight room playlist that helps me break PRs!

1. Blindside– Waka Flocka Flame & Slim Dunkin

2. I Don’t Dance– DMX & MGK

3. World’s Greatest– DMX

4. Where The Hood At– DMX

5. Writing On The Walls– UnderOath

6. Ball– Slim Thug

7. Houston– Slim Thug, Paul Wall, & Z-Ro

8. Inked Up– SJ13 (Stevie Johnson)

9. Cash & Profit– Rocky Diamonds

10. Stay Schemin‘- Chamillionare

11. No Easy Way Out– Robert Tepper

12. Dreamer– Ace Hood

13. Bodies– Drowning Pool

14. Emergency– Ace Hood ft. Movado

15. Shit Done Got Real– Ace Hood ft. Busta Rhymes

16. All The Above– Maino ft. T-Pain

17. Can’t Be Touched– Roy Jones Jr.

18. Power– Kanye West

19. Out Here Grindin‘- DJ Khaled

20. Never Too Late– Three Days Grace

I want your suggestions.  What music do you listen to?  Comment Below!

Jordan Anderson

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