Common Mistakes Made When Training For Your Sport

1. Running Until Exhaustion is NOT Speed Training

Doing countless sprints until you “CAN”T” run anymore is not how you get faster!  People think that high volume and low rest times will get you faster.  Sorry to tell you but doing sprints when you are really fatigued really only helps your cardiovascular endurance and won’t aid in getting you faster it will actually probably make you slower in the long run.  Don’t get me wrong every body needs a good base of cardiovascular endurance but it won’t make you faster.  So what is the solution?

When training for speed you want to be fully rested and recovered.  So take LONG rest periods between sprints, even on 10 yard sprints you should rest between 3-5 minutes between runs.  If you don’t know how long to rest listen to your body.  If you are huffing and puffing you probably aren’t ready to do another sprint.  These workouts may seem long but if people can train for two hours just to hit a “pump”  than you can take long rest periods and do speed training in 30 minutes to an hour and see adequate results.

2.  Strength Training in itself won’t put you over the top as an athlete

What do I mean by this?  You see a lot of guys who look like Arnold but can’t make a tackle to save their lives.  Why is this?  Because you have to develop sports specific skills.  These skill cannot be mastered entirely in the weight room.  So if you are a Defensive Back you have to work on your back peddles and your pass drops.  This must be done on the field or in a multi-purpose room.  There are certain things that the weight room won’t help you with and these are sport specific and position specific drills.  Sure lifting weights will help you be better at the drills but the best way to master sport specific drills and movements is by repetition and doing them over and over again until they get fully ingrained in the CNS.

3.  Not Training For Your Specific Sport

To be better on the field you need to do lifting exercises and drills that are sport specific.  So if football is your sport, training like a soccer player will do close to nothing for you.  Football is a sport of strength, speed, power, and endurance a little bit.  So you should gear your workout program around those things.  Ditch the calf raises and do explosive movements such as box jumps, broad jumps, med ball variation tosses, and sprints.  Do drills   These will aid you in becoming a better athlete and football player.

Jordan Anderson

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