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12 weeks of PR’s and Lifestyle Changes

I am upon completion of my 12 week program called “Built Like A Badass.”  I really wanted to up my bench and deadlift because I thought that personally a 290 pound bench and a 465 pound deadlift was downright pussy!

So what did I do?

I assessed myself.  What did I find?

I found that a few things were dragging me down; diet, drinking, “friends.”  So what did I do to fix these things?  Everything I possibly could!  We’ll start with my diet!

I was under-eating a great deal and in return was getting weaker!  So I made a big emphasis on eating more healthy, natural foods.  I got the help of Nic Peterson on how to jump start my diet.  My sample diet every day consisted of this:

Breakfast: (6 AM):

7 whole eggs

3 whites

2 cups of dried oats (This was a lot!)  In water

Post-Workout Meal: (8:30 AM):

10 oz lean ground beef or grilled chicken

2 cups of white rice (Yes this again is a ton of food)


Meal 3/Lunch: (Noon):

10 oz lean ground beef or grilled chicken

4 sweet potatoes or 2 cups of white rice (depending on weeks budget)


Meal 4: (3:30 pm):

10 oz lean ground beef or grilled chicken

2 cups of white rice


Meal 5: (7:30 pm):

10 oz grilled chicken

4 sweet potatoes
Bedtime Snack: 10:30 PM:

Peanut Butter sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread


This is what my diet looked like on training days.  It was usually one meal less on non-training days.  My stomach right away felt bloated but after a week or two it went away and I could see my abs again.  Again my diet was very limited because I am a college student that works about 15 hours a week so my diet was very basic and I spent most of my money on food!


Next on the list was drinking.  I am in college and yes I use to drink a lot.  I knew this was affecting me so guess what?  It had to go!  The whole school year before the last 12 weeks I drank way more than I should have.  Some times 3 days a week and it wasn’t just one or two drinks a time.  But guess what?  To get where I wanted it needed to go!  In the past 12 weeks I can count on two hands if not one how many drinks I have had.  Was it fun drinking?  Sure, but with my goals and where I want to be it isn’t necessary so it had to go and it did!

Lastly the people you hang out with DO have an impact on what happens to you!  If you hang out with people who don’t want what’s best for you or don’t respect your direction in life than why have them in your life?  I learned the hard way that some people just don’t care about you!  I cut drinking out of my life which is great but I quickly found that wasn’t enough.  I needed to make more life changes.  I took the fall for other people’s dumb actions.  I am not going to go into what happened as I will do that in another post.  I could have gave up after this happened.  I could have played the “Be sorry for me” card. I just chose which friends I could rely on and which ones I couldn’t!


I used it as a learning experience.  I grew from it.  It has made me a stronger person.

So after I made changes in three areas: diet, drinking, “friends”, what happened?

Last week I maxed out on the bench press.  I have never hit 300 lbs in my life.  I hit 295 easy.  I was confident I could hit 315.  Hit it easy.  So why not 325?  I did that too!  After 12 weeks of hard work my bench went up 35 pounds and I promise you I got 325 with “room to spare!”

Last Wednesday it was my turn to max out in the deadlift!  My previous best was 465 which simply isn’t good enough!  I got 475 pretty easy so I threw on 515.  It damn near killed me but I pulled it up!  I improved my deadlift by 50 pounds!

Where will I go from here?

Although I smashed PR’s I am still not satisfied!  I want to keep going!  I want to bench 350 next and deadlift 600!

I found a new passion along the way for Strongman Training.  I want to get into a sanctioned contest by next Spring!

All I have to say is keeping thinking positive.  Keep striving to be the best and do things the right way!

Your biggest limitation is yourself!


Jordan Anderson






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