Training For Beginner Athletes

Going from an 8th grader to a freshman in high school is a big jump.  You go from top dog in junior high to bottom of the totem pole in high school.  But you want to work your way up and prove to the Juniors and Seniors you are capable.  In doing so you try to pick up the heaviest weights possible and try to do every lift known to man in one training session to “show you belong.”

But is this what you should be doing?


In fact most Freshman would be classified as beginner athletes and their training should be different than the upper-classmen.  Beginner athletes often lack balance and coordination so starting them off with a barbell isn’t really ideal.  So if they shouldn’t use a barbell how should they train?


There probably isn’t a better way to build balance and coordination than by doing body-weight training.  What do I mean by body-weight training? Push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, lunges, sprints, jumps, etc. are what I am talking about.

Sprints and jumps are safe and deadly ways to build power.  SO THEY SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN EVERY ATHLETES TRAINING.  But be careful when doing sprint work.  Make sure your athletes get PLENTY of rest between sets.  At least one minute for every ten yards ran.  For you need to be FULLY recovered in order to get the most out of speed and jump training or TRUE PLYOMETRICS.

So how would I program this?   Start by doing a 4 week wave of this.  Start off basic.  After all most beginner athletes probably can’t even do a pull-up.  Start easy and progress them and ease them into it.    After 4 weeks if you feel they are capable of moving to a barbell then do so.  If not put them on another 4 week wave.  This time maybe add resistance to their training in areas they excel at.  Weighted vests and bands are a good way to add resistance.





Jordan Anderson

Co-Owner- Adande’s Gym

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