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Review: DeFranco’s 12 Week Combine Preparation Program

So I haven’t blogged in a while but I am back!

I have shifted away from power lifting in recent months and have tried to get my athleticism up so I decided to try DeFranco’s 12 Week Combine Prep Program.  So far I am six weeks into the program and I have seen great results, especially is my speed and agility.

The split is a 5 day a week workout with 3 days of lifting, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and a sprints on Tuesday and Thursday is the pro agility training.

For any serious athlete who wants to take their ability to the next level I recommend doing this program.  You will not only increase your bench, squat, 40 time, and pro agility/5-10-5 but you will become overall more athletic and more aesthetically sound.

Upon completion I will post my results after 12 weeks.  I am currently starting on week 7.  I am hoping to get that sub 4.7 40 speed back and sub 4.3 pro agility back!


Jordan Anderson, Co-Owner Adande’s Training

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