About Jordan Anderson

My name is Jordan Anderson.  I am studying Health, Wellness, and Fitness at UW-Stout in Wisconsin.  I plan on attending graduate school in Exercise Physiology.  I want to open my own Sports Performance Gym with my boy Dylan Poesch.  I am striving to learn as much as I can and learn under some great people in the industry!  I currently am getting my feet wet working at my Universities weight room.  I AM JUST A STUDENT.  MY RESEARCH IS DONE ONLY ON MY STUDIES AND WHAT I HAVE LEARNED ALONG THE WAY.

In my spare time I enjoy reading others blogs, books, and most important I love to train.  I am no longer a competitive athlete however I love training like an athlete.  I’ve tried training like a power lifter but just didn’t like it as much as I thought.

The thing I am striving for right now is to get the concept of programming down.  I want to create a workout that I can share with clients some day!

Over the past year I have learned so much about training it is crazy.  I use to think I knew what I was doing but after extensive reading I have learned truly that in training sometimes less is more!

Train hard, train smart, progress slow, BREAK PR’s!


3 thoughts on “About Jordan Anderson

  1. dude youll have to help me how to get a page like this sometime

  2. Morgan de Werd

    Cool website Jordan! You really know what you are talking about keep up the good work!

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