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Up Your Bench with The Ultimate Bench Program

Last week I completed The Ultimate Bench Program created by Mike Guadango and Jeff Carr.

I broke a PR!

This is a program to up your bench so I highly recommend not doing a lower body program while on this to seize optimal results.

I did The Vertical Jump Bible, a program designed to up your vertical jump while on the bench program and the volume of the jump workout was very high and at times I felt drained from both programs so I suggest not doing an intense lower body workout while on this program!

My previous PR was 285 on the bench press.  After the program I broke a PR and benched 290.

Watch here:

I feel my PR would have been higher but I cut ten pounds while on this program and they say to maximize strength you need to keep gaining weight.  So I feel that although my PR only went up 5 pounds I took a lot out of this program and feel this program is a must for anyone who wants to up there bench press!

There is a 10 week program and an 18 week program.  I did the ten week program and plan on doing the 18 week program this summer!

Buy the program here

A special thanks to Mike Guadango and Jeff Carr for this program!

Jordan Anderson

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