Prowler Heaven

A few months back the website posted a status on Facebook and it asked to give your favorite prowler workout.  After hundreds of comments piled in I made the list of 55…

Workout #54 is mine so feel free to try it some time.  But don’t stop there.  There are 55 great prowler exercises to do!


Take a 45 or 100lb plate and slide that on the ground instead. BOOM



Jordan Anderson

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Why Women Should Train

You here all the time women saying, “I’m only going to run because lifting weights will make me look like a dude!!!”

Question: Is this true?

Answer:  NO, Women only look like the one above if they are on roids.

Guys generally produce at least 10 times as much testosterone as women so that is why guys gain the size they do when they train.  Women are capable of putting on muscle, it’s just not going to be at even close to the same rate as guys which is good because then you won’t “look like a dude.”

If you have no idea what you are doing start off easy by doing body weight movements/exercises.

Pushups, assisted pullups and dips (until you can do them on your own), inverted rows, squats, one-legged squats are just a few to start out with, and work your core, hamstrings, lower back, and GLUTES . Once you get a fundamental base of strength, bump up to resistance training.


Would you rather look like this….

Or this…



You be the judge.


Jordan Anderson





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Up Your Bench with The Ultimate Bench Program

Last week I completed The Ultimate Bench Program created by Mike Guadango and Jeff Carr.

I broke a PR!

This is a program to up your bench so I highly recommend not doing a lower body program while on this to seize optimal results.

I did The Vertical Jump Bible, a program designed to up your vertical jump while on the bench program and the volume of the jump workout was very high and at times I felt drained from both programs so I suggest not doing an intense lower body workout while on this program!

My previous PR was 285 on the bench press.  After the program I broke a PR and benched 290.

Watch here:

I feel my PR would have been higher but I cut ten pounds while on this program and they say to maximize strength you need to keep gaining weight.  So I feel that although my PR only went up 5 pounds I took a lot out of this program and feel this program is a must for anyone who wants to up there bench press!

There is a 10 week program and an 18 week program.  I did the ten week program and plan on doing the 18 week program this summer!

Buy the program here

A special thanks to Mike Guadango and Jeff Carr for this program!

Jordan Anderson

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